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Have a nice shopping experience in japan with our free tax and delivery services.

What is Smart Refund ?

Smart Refund is a tax free counter located in Kappabashi, one of the busy shopping district in Japan. Our counter is open since 17th August 2016, from 10 AM - 6 PM.
Smart Refund's services including an easy tax return procedure, handling and shipping your shopping items to your hotel, airport, station or overseas. You can have a pleasant time in Japan without worry about your belongings.

Have a great shopping
experience in Japan

Shopping at our member stores

Normally, the tax-refund procedure can take up to 10 minutes in each store to be completed. Our service offers you the easiest and fastest way. You can collect the receipt from the Smart Refund member store and get a tax refund at our counter. Avoid the long waits and save more time to enjoy Japan.

Tax Refund Service
Enjoy Sightseeing Without Your Luggage

At Smart Refund Counter, you can receive purchased items or hand-crafted items at the airport, or ship to hotel or overseas.

Enjoy shopping to be continued empty-handed.

Hands-Free Travel

Tax-Refund Service

Get a chance to get a tax refund by shopping at our member store. Find the Smart Refund sticker at the entrance of each store, collect your receipt and proceed to our counter. The total tax refund procedure will only take 3 minutes at the shortest.

*For details please check the “Shopping Guide” that’s available at our member stores.

Products purchased at the shop where this mark was posted will collect tax refund procedure and tax refund at Smart Refund counter at once.

Tax-Refund procedure

1Shopping at Our Member Store

In Kappabashi shopping district, you can locate our member store with a Smart Refund sign in their entrance. Shopping at the minimum total purchase 5,400 yen or more (including tax) for general goods or consumable goods, and you can receive the tax refund all at once in the Smart Refund counter.

Free Tax Items
General Goods
Product Sample

Kitchenware, knife, book, clothing, towel, electronic appliances, tableware, stationery, etc.

Tax-Free Applicable Amount

5,400yen(inclulding tax)or more.
(* When you shop at "Smart Refund" member stores at the same day as application).


After your entry date in Japan, you have to bring the purchased items outside Japan in less than 6 months.

Consumable Goods
Product Sample

Food and Beverage, Cosmetic, Tobacco, Chemical, Battery, Oil, etc.

Tax-free Applicable Amount

5,400yen(including tax)or more.
(* When you shop at "Smart Refund" member stores at the same day as application).


Please bring your purchased items outside Japan within 30 days.

  • You can collect all your tax free on the exact day of purchase.
  • If you purchase the tax-free item with your credit card, the name on the credit card and passport should be matched.
2Proceed to the Smart Refund Counter

After finishing shopping in the Kappabashi area, please proceed to the tax refund counter during the day, at the business hour from 10.00 to 18.00. Present your passport, Shopping guide along with the receipt and purchased items to our staff.

About Smart Refund

17-5, Matsugaya 3-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo,
111-0036, Japan(Map

Operation Hours
10:00 〜 18:00 (Everyday)


  • 10 minutes' walk from the Tokyo metro Hibiya line "Iriya station"
  • 10 minutes' walk from the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Tahara-cho Station"
  • 7 minutes' walk from the Tsukuba Express "Asakusa Station"

SmartRefund Counter (Kappabashi)

In addition to tax refund service, we also provide another service such as luggage temporary deposit, hotel and airport delivery service, and overseas shipping.

3Sign a Purchaser Pledge

Sign your name on the purchaser pledge. After the free tax procedure completed, the purchase record will be attached to your passport.

4Tax refund in cash

The amount of exemption will be given in cash (Japanese Yen). Consumable items will be packaged in a predetermined bag. Please do not open the items until your departure from Japan.

Tax Free Term and Conditions

  • Nonresidents, (6 months after the entry date);
  • Posses their personal passport.
  • Shop at "Smart Refund" member stores on the same day as application. Spending must meet the minimum tax-free applicable amount, 5,400 yen(including tax)or more.

Hands Free Travel

Enjoy Sightseeing Without
Your Luggage

You can temporary storage the purchased items and baggage at our counter.
We also provide a delivery service for your luggage to the airport, hotel, or overseas.

* Delivery inside Japan in the same day, for overseas will take 3 days to 1 week.

* Delivery service depends on the counter.

Baggage Storage or
Delivery Service Fee

Service Service Fee
Baggage Storage800 yen (including tax) / 1 box (Within business hours on the day)
Airport Pick-up
Haneda airport (from 1,404 yen ~ / 1 box)
Narita airport (from 1,512 yen ~ / 1 box)
Hotel Instant
Delivery Service
from 756 yen ~ / 1 box
(* Please give the detail information at the counter at what time you want to receive the package)
Tokyo Station or
Shinjuku Station
from 756 yen ~ / 1 box
Tokyo Soramachifrom 756 yen ~ / 1 box
* Baggage storage / return will be limited within the counter business hours

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SmartRefund Kappabashi supported by LifeCard

Kitchen Town(Kappabashi)
Operation Hours
10:00 〜 18:00
  • Kappabashi(Kitchen Town) side North side "Kappbashi north" crossing beside crossing
  • 10 minutes' walk from the Tokyo metro Hibiya line "Iriya station"
  • 10 minutes' walk from the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Tahara-cho Station"
  • 7 minutes' walk from the Tsukuba Express "Asakusa Station"
Tax RefundHands-Free

Smart Refund 築地場外市場 Supported by LifeCard

Tsukiji Outer Market
09:00 〜 15:00
  • Tsukiji Outer Market general information office "Plat Tsukiji" in the same building.
  • Toei Oedo Line "TsukijiShijyou station" 5 minutes on foot.
  • Tokyo metro Hibiya line "Tsukiji station" 5 minutes on foot.
  • Toei Asakusa line "HigashiGinza Station" 10 minutes on foot.
Tax RefundHands-Free